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Alice in Wonderland Ballet was beautiful and Star/2016 was incredible !! Thank you to everyone who helped make both of these shows run so smoothly !!
Very special shout out to all my teachers at AHD! Forest Roy, Amanda Kofsky, Brim, Diana Schoenfield, Sarah Chavez, Cierra Crowley, Vanessa Yniguez, and Tabatha Arocho! Such great and creative teachers!!
Very special thanks to all the amazing Moms who helped so much behind the scenes !! Thank you Brim for editing my music perfectly! Thank you Carly Melber for helping organize all the behind the scenes and soooo much more and always with a smile !! Thank you Gino Roy for helping with the special quick change announcements and so much more. Thank you to Frankie and Chuck who helped make sure everything made it to the theatre and back and do much more !! facebook

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What an honor! Arthur Duncan, Norman Lear,
Chloe Arnold, and Dick Van Dyke at Tap World

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