“It has been a great privilege and pleasure watching this studio grow into one of the finest and most comprehensive dance complexes in the Los Angeles area. All of the teachers are top-notch professionals with hearts of gold. They really care about their students as individuals. Over the years I have watched their students grow at an amazing pace as both artists and people. Their track record is the finest in turning out skilled dancers who go on to become professionals and/or teachers. For the amount of time they been in existence, Betsy Melber, Director has affected so many lives and all for the better, as she is a loving Mother, teacher and skilled and working Choreographer....this combination of her love and skills influences all of the students in the very best of ways...and she's a heck of a lot of fun!!!”
~Jim Taylor, Kihei, HI
Dancer/choreographer in approximately 40 professional musicals onstage, numerous TV shows; master class teacher at the annual Maui Tap Experience in 2003, 2005 and 2010, and more than 7 years for the Rhapsody In Taps Workshops; coach and choreographer for actors, professional dancers and dance academies; co-Producer at the First, Second & Third Annual National Tap Dance Day Celebrations at Thousand Oaks, CA



"Working with Betsy was so important in my early dance training. Her focus on technique as well as the performing aspect of dance helped me to become a well-rounded dancer. Betsy's passion for tap dance is contagious. It is so encouraging to know she is passing on the knowledge of tap dance as music as well as dance. Thanks Betsy!"

~Melinda Sullivan

So You Think You Can Dance's 2010 top 5 girl dancer finalist; Dance Spirit Magazine's cover dancer and considered one of the top 20 young tap dancers in the United States; 2012 Winner of Dance Teacher magazine’s Capezio A.C.E. award for choreography for “Gone”; 2013 Dance Magazine’s “25 to Watch”



"At 3 years old my mom happened to put me in a little tap class with Betsy Melber. She had no idea she was changing my life. 20 years later I would be cast on the Broadway tour of "42nd Street" and go on to be a professional dancer in New York City for 6 years and counting. Thanks to the exceptional technique I learned from Betsy, I am competing with and being cast alongside the best dancers in the country. I loved being one of Betsy's students, and love the life that studying with her is allowing me to lead. I am truly living my dream and will be forever grateful to Betsy for that!"

~Hilary Rushford

 1st National Tour "42nd St", Radio City Rockettes, www.HilaryRushford.com



"I have had the privilege of working with Betsy Melber for the past 11 years. In that time, she has brilliantly choreographed ALL the musicals at Malibu High School. What she has taught our musical theatre students is invaluable. I feel so fortunate to be able to collaborate with such a talented and warm person. Betsy is truly the best!!! Everyone at Agoura Hills Dance Studio has been incredibly helpful and supportive. I look forward to many more wonderful years of working/dancing together."

~Jodi Plaia, Theatre Arts Director at Malibu High School



"I think my 11-year association with Agoura Hills Dance speaks volumes for how I feel about Betsy Melber's studio and her dedication toward her students. Her ability to teach technique, her passion, and the success of her students were the reasons a well-respected Dance Master directed me to enroll my child in her class.

Over the years, I have realized that dance cannot be found in a pose or a leap, no matter how gracefully performed. A beautiful dancer only emerges when mind, body, and spirit are encouraged to grow. Agoura Hills Dance and Performing Arts studio recognizes that promoting self-esteem, as well as technique, is essential to creating a dancer.

I believe my children's years of studying dance stimulated not only their creativity and imagination, but also their critical and analytical awareness. Although my children are now adults and my days of sitting in a dance studio are past, I still enjoy being around Betsy's studio to see the joy and discovery of her students. Thanks for providing such a wonderful experience for my children."

~Lorraina Sanna-Pickett



"I've wanted to be a tap dancer ever since I saw a Shirley Temple movie. Unfortunately I am dyslexic and could never retain the information I had learned, that is, until I met Betsy Melber. She is one of three rare and gifted teachers who finds the doorway to communicate your special way of learning. She awakens a confidence in you that stimulates your own ability, not only, to digest what you have learned but to be creative on your own. If you're looking for the treasure at the end of the rainbow, all you have to do is go to the Agoura Dance school and ask for 'Betsy'."

~Helen Costa



"The artistic vision and contribution Betsy has given Ventura County over the years has had a exponential effect that will last generations to come! Her passion for dance and choreography is so contagious that you cannot help but be swept up by her and her expert staff's enthusiasm. I love how she supports the artistic journey and inspires others to believe in their talent regardless of age. Betsy and her staff are doing a remarkable effort to keep dance and art alive in Ventura County! Thank you Agoura Hills Dance & Performing Arts Center!"

~Marla Dennis


“I have been attending Agoura Hills Dance since it opened. Not only was it my dance studio, but it was my second home. I thank Betsy for helping mold me into the dancer & person I am today!!! ”

~Kim Klein Leon


“After 30 years of being away from dance I decided to take up Adult Tap lessons. As a child/teenager I took many years of dance classes and for many years as an adult I had yearned to take some sort of dance again. Last January I found Betsy’s Adult Tap Class and decided to put my hesitations behind me and join. After a year of twice a week tap classes it has been the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. I love the learning process as well as the feeling of accomplishment after each class. Dance is a great stress reliever. It is good for not only your body and coordination but your mind as well. Dance is something that can be done well into your 70’s, 80’s, and beyond. It is fun and exhilarating, and best of all, I’ve made some great new friends through the classes. I highly recommend putting aside whatever might be holding you back and sign up for a tap class today. You will not regret it!”

~Cheryl Whitbread, way over 40+ and loving Adult Tap!



“My daughter Devon has been with Agoura Hills Dance for 6 years now and has recently joined company. Devon has enjoyed the dance instructors, lessons, and shows immensely and it has been wonderful to see her confidence and enthusiasm while performing on stage at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. Betsy is the owner and tap dancing queen of Agoura Hills Dance and I am thrilled that Devon has been taken under her wing. Agoura Hills Dance has fabulous instructors in a safe environment at a great location. Watching the dancers perform at the end of the year is a special treat with beautiful costumes, great music, and talented dancers! I highly endorse Agoura Hills Dance for any child interested in dancing.”

~Sandra Schafheitle


“My daughter has danced with Betsy throughout her childhood and went back a couple years ago as an adult and loves it!! The end of the year show is incredible to watch too! Somehow it just keeps getting better! This is the best studio for any age who wants to dance and be part of an amazing group of people. Great job Betsy!!”

~Helene Buxbaum



“Agoura Hills Dance has been such an amazing, beautiful, adventurous, and lovely time in my life. I started going here when I was around 4 years old and am still here at 17! The teachers are very compassionate and amazing. They echo beauty and style in their dances which radiates to every student. Betsy, the owner of the studio (and amazing tap teacher!), works tirelessly to make two very fabulous and exciting shows each year that everyone loves to be a part of. Forest (AMAZING hip hop teacher) always choreographs such fun and creative dances you can only get here! There truly is no one like her. She is kind, energetic, beyond sweet and BEYOND fun. Every teacher here is. If you love dance, this is the place to be. You will most definitely, Be Inspired.”

~Brenda Baird



“I had the privilege of seeing the 2016 Star Show, and it was so much fun! It's clear that Agoura Hills Dance has a great set of teachers. I can't wait to see what they do next year!”

~Ali Maccranie



“My daughter has been dancing at this studio for 6 years, and we would never consider going anywhere else. The dance instructors are not only professional, patient and effective teachers, but they are mentors that have had a positive impact on my daughter beyond measure. The owner of the studio, Betsy, strives for excellence when organizing her shows, and they are nothing short of spectacular! This studio is unique, because it's not just a studio, when you join Agoura Hills Dance, you become part of the family!”

~Laura Sanders



“My daughter started here at age 3 and each year has grown so much as a dancer and performer. We appreciate the life lessons the children are being taught as well as the art of dance. Over the past 4 years my daughter has gained another great support system and loves her dance family.”

~Angie Shain



“My daughter began at this studio when she was just 4 years old. This is a safe place with great instructors that respect children. We love that dances and costumes are always age appropriate. My daughter began with just one dance class a week - 4 1/2 years later she is here 6 days a week and loves every second!”

~Kimberly Gausman



“Agoura Hills Dance has guided my daughter in growing into a beautiful dancer! She dances every day and loves every bit of it. I highly recommend this studio!”

~Ligia Floyd



“Not only does this dance studio have amazing performers, but their staff is extremely helpful and welcoming to every attendee. I would highly recommend this studio for great dance lessons and an even greater dance family.”

~Savannah Belén Merrill



“My daughter just finished her first year at Agoura Dance and I can't say enough about the amazing classes and the wonderful staff. Betsy is awesome and truly inspired my daughter to give hip hop a try. She is now enrolling in 3 classes!! I am thrilled especially after watching the show at the Thousand Oaks Civic center!! Very talented dancers!!”

~Eva Sotere



“Best teachers and dance training!!!! Simply amazing studio and it is a joy to take class here!!!!! 🙂 I am proud to be part of Agoura Hills Dance!”

~Allison Faoro



"Betsy Melber touches the lives of all who enter Agoura Hills Dance. I am 78 year young and she guides us through dances with grace and style. She is a very talented teacher.

Betsy is an accomplished choreographer. Before we know it, we are tapping to great music and having the time of our lives as she teaches her dance moves. She knows how important dance is for your body and your mind, and she always makes dance a fun experience. All her students can't wait until her next class.

Betsy has been responsible for many dance recitals and dances where her young students can show off their newfound talents and the older ones can prove that they still can dance!

It is a great gift to be able to teach. Betsy has this special gift and we have benefited because of her. It is amazing how someone can make such a huge difference in your life. Betsy has in mine."

~Loretta Ehrig



“Betsy Melber espouses the highest levels of professionalism and creativity, both as teacher and director/owner of Agoura Hills Dance & Performing Arts. She is a pillar of her community.”
~Paul Da Silva, www.dasilvastudio.com


“Fantastic Studio. Great Energy. Betsy has nothing but the best interest for all of her dancers. I have always had an amazing experience teaching at Agoura Hills Dance. Cheers.”
~Anthony LoCascio, original cast member of “Tap Dogs”

“This Place Rocks! My kids love this place and they can't stop Dancing...and Tapping...the staff is amazing. Thank you.. #dancestudio #dance #best #learntodance”
~Travis Walker
“I started dancing at Agoura Hills Dance when it first opened years ago, and 11 years later, I have recently come back to dance with Betsy. As a teacher, she is patient, passionate, and kind, and calling her studio my second home is something I can finally do again! I love the teachers and other students and taking adult classes is so much fun. I highly recommend it for any past dancers or anyone looking to try something new and exciting!”

~Sarah Buxbaum


“Betsy’s reputation as an educator and advocate for dance is flawless.”

~Grover Dale, Founder/President, answers4dancers.com



“Amazing Adult Tap Classes!Currently taking the beginner and intermediate level. I really appreciate the breakdown of the movements and combos that Betsy (the owner) provides. Betsy makes it easy to learn, and fun. Love the selection of music too. I plan to continue my new journey as a tap dancer ... what a rush! Thank you Betsy for an awesome, new dance experience! You rock!”
~Myrna T, Simi Valley, CA
“I ADORE this studio!! My kids had great classes here from nurturing, enthusiastic dancing professionals. So I had to try it too! I have been taking tap dancing lessons with Betsy (the owner) for almost three years. It is really a pleasure! Betsy and her teachers are fun, inspirational, patient and skilled. The classes are challenging and great exercise. I meet fun people all of the time. My only regret is that I can't fit more classes into my schedule!!”
~G.S., Westlake Village, CA
“Over the years, Betsy has produced some of Southern California’s finest young dancers. Along with teaching technique, Betsy encourages and inspires her students to do their very best and enjoy every minute of it! We’re proud to know and be associated with Agoura Hills Dance and Performing Arts Center.”

~Jackie Sleight, Owner/Director, L.A. Dance Magic



“I cannot recommend this dance studio enough. My 13-year-old daughter transferred to Agoura Dance after being at a different dance studio for several years. Before transferring we were concerned that she would not be welcomed as many of the girls have been dancing at the studio for years. We were pleasantly surprised at the warm inviting environment of Agoura Dance. My daughter was immediately placed in classes suitable for her experience, treated with dignity and respect by all of the teachers and staff, and warmly welcomed by the lovely ladies in her class. I also enjoyed getting to know the other dance families when I worked back stage and felt that my daughter was in wonderful environment from all perspectives. Bottom line, she was encouraged to grow as a person and as a dancer.”

~Sharon W., Woodland Hills, CA



“I started to tap as an over 30 adult--as a means of exercise and because of my love of tap dancing. I have been going to the adult tap classes at Agoura Dance Center for a couple of years now and I must say that this has been/is one of the best tap experiences I have ever had. Betsy is a skilled teacher and also adept at handling classes of adults who have varying levels of experience - even though we all might fall under the "Intermediate" label. Invariably, there are some things that come easier and some things come harder to each one of us. Every week this class challenges me and also makes me feel that I am making progress. It is a perfect mix and a testament to Betsy's commitment to her craft. Affirmation is also a part of Betsy's class. The spirit that she instills in the group is a pleasure to participate in. It is about enjoying as we work on our skills and technique--the feelings are positive and it is a time that I look forward to every week. I have been through a year of Beginning classes and a year of Intermediate at Agoura Dance Center. These comments apply to my total experience...I have brought two friends along to join me in the classes here and would heartily recommend these tap classes to anyone who is a taper or would just like to give it a try.”

~Peter I, Los Angeles, CA



“My daughter has danced at AHD&PAC for 4 years since she was 4. She loves to dance and looks forward to all her classes and teachers. As a parent, I have found the studio's owner, receptionist, teachers to be caring, responsive and nurturing to my daughter's dance needs. I have found the studio's selection of dance, music and costumes are age appropriate. Their year-end recitals and ballet are professionally done and such a joy to watch. We love that the studio is a place for our daughter to get excellent instruction in many dance genres and that she loves being there!”

~G.K., Conoga Park, CA



“My twin daughters took hip-hop classes with Miss Forest. They loved every moment of it. Forest made the class so much fun and taught my girls a lot. She has been teaching for many years and has a lot of experience. Not only that, she has a heart of gold. I highly recommend the hip-hop classes here with her. While I don't have experience with the other classes, I'm sure they are great too.”

~Christina R., Woodland Hills, CA



“Thank you to Agoura Hills Dance for the use of your studio during season 10 of DWTS. We appreciated your flexibility and wonderful service in accommodating our needs. Best wishes and happy dancing!"

~Kelly J. Halley, Dancing With The Stars



“I love this school!! So many great instructors and great positive energy. Come check it out!! The Tap classes are better that any dance school around!! Melinda from SYTYCD and Betsy are "the best"!!! Brim, the Hip Hop teacher is dancing for the Emmy's and has an amazing class!! Terrific ballet classes too!! Seasoned instructors that really know how to teach. Great school!!”

~Robbin M Joffred, Adult Tap



“So fun - Thank you Betsy!”

~Diane Weiss



“Great studio! My daughters have been dancing here for 3 yrs and they love it. Well run organized and fun. Can't wait to start doing Hip Hop myself.”

~Brittany Akerstrom Walker
"I was introduced to AHD through my involvement as a teacher with Urban Legends in 2009, where I met Betsy. The kids, her staff were all kind, friendly and enthusiastic about the dance. I love the disciplined environment of the beautiful studio facility and the infectious energy I get as I walk down the hall. Since 2009, Betsy & AHD has hosted my "Rhythm Nation" workshops along with teaching a weekly Popping & Locking class. I'm proud to be associated with Betsy's AHD for all the wonderful work she and her instructors have done with the students and in the community. I'm also very grateful for the generous sponsorship that she's given to me and my dance group, 'The Nation.' Thank you Betsy and Agoura Hills Dance, I wish you continued success!"

~Anthony Thomas, Choreographer/Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation”



“I took dance with FOREST for 10 years, and I still enjoy taking her adult classes when I have the opportunity. She creates the perfect balance of community and structure by socializing through the stretching section - often asking younger students where they're flying during the butterfly stretch or finding out what students' favorite songs are so she can play them throughout the class - and then really pushing her students to learn the dances for the remaining 50 minutes. She always has the most fun music playing, from start to finish, and every class gets a special warm-up depending on their age range. I have never been able to take a dance class from someone with as much energy or passion for what they are doing. Agoura Hills Dance is lucky to have her!”

~Alison M., Lafayette, CA



“I've known Agoura Hills Dance and Performing Arts Center owner, Betsy, since long before she opened her studio. Her passion for dance is evident in everything done at the studio. She loves what she does and all of her employees and students seem to really respond, learn and grow. Everyone I've encountered there seems happy and the fact that there are so many long time students and employees speaks volumes. If you're looking for a fun place to learn just about any type of dance this is the place. You will be treated like family and can learn and grow in many ways.”
~Lindsay R., Moreno Valley, CA
“I began my adventure with Agoura Hills Dance three years ago. As a child, I always loved tap dancing. So when I gazed through the window of Agoura Hills Dance watching the young tap dancers, I said to myself, "I can do that." I knew I would be in for a lot of fun. Taking adult tap classes from Betsy has allowed me to re-live my childhood exuberance. Adult tap with Betsy is not only great exercise, the routines are challenging both mentally and physically, and with her patience and persistence, Betsy allows us to learn and have loads of fun along the way. In sum, Agoura Hills Dance is the happiest place on earth. Give it a try, you'll have a ball!”
~Rosalind C., Oak Park, CA
“I took dance classes with Forest for YEARS and I can safely say she is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and one of the absolute nicest people you will ever meet. She is extremely passionate about teaching and very knowledgeable about dance. She works hard to make sure all of her students are learning and having fun at the same time. I would highly recommend any and all of Forests dance classes to people of all ages. She is the best of the best!”

~Sara B., Thousand Oaks, CA



“What a great class for my 2 and 3 year olds! They LOVED class even though my younger wasn't sure what was going on- he still had a great time!”

~Melissa B., Los Angeles, CA


“I was looking for adult dance classes and decided to check this place out, since they offered the most variety for us older folk, plus they are at night which was a huge plus for me so I could go to them after work. I was hooked after my first adult tap class. It was incredibly fun and brought the child out inside of me. If anyone has ever taken a tap class, even if it was 50 years ago, I highly recommend taking a tap class here from Betsy. It is so nice to be in a class where I am not the oldest one by 30 years! I had originally planned on just taking one class, but I am now in 3 and enjoy every minute of it. I highly recommend this dance studio. The staff is professional and very friendly and it is a fun atmosphere.”
~Maura D., Agoura Hills, CA
"Taking tap with Betsy was the best thing I did for myself last year. It is the most fun exercise I've had as an adult, and I'm truly disappointed when each class is over. If you took tap as a child, you'll be surprised how quickly the steps come back, and if they don’t or you've never taken tap, Betsy is the most patient teacher."

~Denise Macuk, Agoura Hills, CA



“I have been dancing here for a couple of years and I just love it!!! Betsy is wonderful for tap. I also tried hip hop and ballroom. I can't think of a better hobby. I hope more "Mom" types will join us because we are having a great time doing something creative, fun and healthy!”

~Gayle Futernick



“Agoura Hills Dance & Performing Arts Center is a FANTASTIC dance studio!!! Betsy Melber, the owner and director of the studio, first started teaching me to dance over 10 years ago. I STILL love going back to the studio to participate in classes and the dance concerts! Agoura Hills Dance provides top-notch instruction for both children and adults. The classes are affordable and the staff is warm and friendly. Students are pushed to their fullest potential and will make fun memories that will last. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone looking for dance classes because I have yet to find any other studio that even comes close to this one! Plus, the personal connection that you build with the staff and teachers here enriches the experience so much more. Please try a class because you will love it!”

~Alison F., Agoura Hills



“Agoura Hills Dance is not only an amazing place to dance but the teachers and other students become your second family! I have been dancing here since it opened, taking tap classes with Betsy since I was a little girl, and 10 years later came back because I missed it so much! It has been a wonderful experience and I can't wait to sign up for more classes! You are awesome Betsy and everyone at Agoura Hills Dance!!”

~Sarah B., San Diego



“My daughter started dancing when she was 3 years old. We stared at another local dance studio but quickly learned it wasn't for us. They were very exclusive and snobby. Then I found Agoura Hills Dance. Fast-forward 9 years later! My daughter takes 10 hours of dance a week there and I never would have thought I could afford it but the more classes I signed her up for, the cheaper the rate was so we went all in. My daughter has gained so much self-confidence and assuredness from dancing. The instructors have been so supportive to her. Nobody teaches tap better than Betsy. Forest and Brim are amazing for Hip Hop. And there have been so many great Lyrical teachers there over the years. They are doing something right to attract such talented teacher/choreographers. I simply love Agoura Hills Dance. I recommend it to all my friends and many have moved there on my recommendation. If you are looking for a studio that has a friendly atmosphere, rigorous training, diversity of genre, excellent choreography, and professional potential, then look no further. I have nothing to gain from my recommendation. I just love this place. My daughter is so much more confident, industrious, creative, fit, and happy, all because of dance. Thank you Agoura Hills Dance!!!”

~Terri R., Los Angeles, CA

“I started going to Agoura Hills Dance over 10 years ago and would dance Jazz and participate in musicals through this studio. Every teacher has been professional and wonderful, but more than anything they brought one that changed my life. Forest Roy is a hip hop teacher through this studio and she is mind blowing. I took classes with her from the 6th grade through high school and she just affected everyone around her. Beyond becoming a better dancer, I became a better person through her lessons. Over the years I have watched her touch lives like mine, but more than that, she has taken children with learning disabilities, autism, etc. and given them confidence and faith in themselves. The work she does truly brings tears to your eyes. If you want your kids to have confidence, develop technical skills taught from someone who has performed with the best (even had been featured on MTV), and be taught by someone unbelievably inspirational...hip hop at Agoura with Forest.”

~Alexa N., Thousand Oaks, CA


“My daughter has been dancing with Miss Betsy and her outstanding teaching staff since she was 4 years old. Every year she has matured as a dancer and as a young girl. Agoura Hills Dance has encouraged her to pursue her passion and teach her the disciplines and lessons which come along with her dancing. We are pleased with the studio and look forward to many years of our daughter's involvement with Miss Betsy and her team.
~Steven & Rose Hamermesh, CA
“Any adult who always wanted to dance should try the adult classes at Agoura Hills Dance and Performing Arts Center! They have the best staff for ballet, tap, hip-hop and more. I love tap and have been a student of Betsy Melber for a number of years. Betsy teaches adult beginner and intermediate tap classes and we not only learn but have fun doing it. Dancing is fun for all ages, not just kids. Agoura Hills Dance has trained some great professional dancers as well as those who just go for fun and exercise. I highly recommend checking them out.”

~Helene V., Westlake Village, CA



“When my daughter first expressed interest in dancing we tried out a few dance studios and then finally landed at Agoura Hills Dance where the dance instruction was top notch, the staff and teachers were so welcoming and kind, and my daughter had a blast. We've now danced there for 2 years and my son also started dancing last year and is hooked on dance. Every year they want to do more and more dance and love dancing. It makes me happy as a mom to have my kids getting the best instruction in a great, healthy environment!! I highly recommend Agoura Hills Dance.”
~Jen K., Thousand Oaks, CA
“My kids enjoy going to Agoura Hills Dance. They take a variety of jazz, ballet, tap and hip hop classes. The Star Show and Alice in Wonderland performances are so much fun. It's been a great experience overall!”

~Baron M.



"I have been attending various children's dance recitals for over 30 years and have never been so impressed and so entertained as with Agoura Dance Center's June recital. The quality of the instruction is mind blowing...and the pure entertainment value for all of the audience is unequaled. I take tap from Betsy Melber... she is such a kind, professional, caring teacher...as are all of the teachers at the studio. She works with all levels of expertise with patience and understanding and brings a rank amateur class to a very high level in record time. I am so happy to and often do recommend this studio above all others in the area. Many of the people that I speak to, do bring their children here or bring themselves and they are always extremely pleased. My granddaughter and son also take at this studio and we all agree that we look forward to our class time all week long. You will be delighted if you decide to join this remarkable studio."

~Ann Monaha, Showboat Youth Theatre



"I love Agoura Hills Dance! It holds a very special place in my heart. I met the owner Betsy Melber when I was in high school. With her guidance over the years, I have greatly expanded my knowledge of dance (especially tap) and my technique has improved tremendously. She always makes dance fun and exciting. The studio has a warm and friendly atmosphere. I am now taking several classes there and I am constantly learning. I get individual feedback from the instructors, which is important to me. The teachers definitely emphasize the importance of having a strong technical foundation, but they also provide a joyful and pleasant atmosphere in which students can learn the art of dance. I am pleased to be associated with this studio. By getting to know Betsy and everyone else here at the studio, I have grown both as a person and as a dancer and I am having the best time ever!"

~AF, Malibu



"Discovering Agoura Hills Dance and Performing Arts Center opened up a whole new world for me. Initially, I came to the studio looking for a tap class. Being a professional singer/dancer, I was looking for something on that level and found the perfect class. My daughter also got involved in the tap dancing program for several years and had a blast. You can not imagine how much fun it is to dance in a recital with your daughter. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the professional caliber show that Betsy Melber puts on each year. The school provides a wide selection of Adult Tap and Adult Jazz classes which I enjoy taking. When I got heavily involved in fund raising for charity, I was looking for a less intense dance experience, because of my involvement. I again found the right class for that season of my life.

Betsy Melber and her studio support a variety of different charities. Not only that, Betsy conscientiously mentors young talent and teachers of all ages. I had the opportunity of teaching Yoga/Pilates at the studio when I was starting out as a teacher. It was a great experience that Betsy graciously provided. Agoura Hills Dance and Performing Arts Center is a wonderful asset to our community."

~Linda Eichberg, Owner, Trainer & Healthy Life-style Motivator, Linda’s Fitness Training



“Betsy is a wonderfully creative dancer and dance instructor. The productions she has choreographed for area schools and her own dance company are beyond compare, Broadway quality! She also brings a way of encouraging her students to excel through example. A very important element. Both of my girls have studied with her and love her.”
~Jamie Alcroft
Co-Founder & Pres. of Community Relations at Community Funding Solutions



"I admire my tap teacher Mrs. Betsy because she lets many people believe that no matter what age they are, they can dance... I will never forget the time it was my first day with her and she said that she had taught my mom to dance when she was little. Mrs. Betsy had helped me throughout the dance year. If I got one step wrong she would help me fix it. I wish that one day I could be like her, wonderful and amazing, I would also like to follow in her footsteps and inspire people to dance when I am older."

~an Agoura Hills Dance student

"When I met Betsy I'd already been dancing for 10 years, 6 of them professionally. Of all the dance instructors I've had the good fortune of learning from, Betsy taught me excellent tap technique in the least amount of time. With Betsy's concise & easily understood directions, I very quickly "got" steps I hadn't been able to master in years past!"

~Deidre Fisher, Moorpark



"My daughters, Megan and Melissa have been dancing with Betsy for 21 and 14 years respectively. They both started dancing at 3 years old. This is a studio that puts the students best interest first, from tots they develop a love of dance through creativity and imagination and later through the learning of discipline required for dance. It is not only the excellent instruction, but the genuine caring interest in all of the students that makes this dance experience so wonderful! The students gain not only technical skill but the self-assurance, grace and confidence to grow into lovely young adults. It truly prepares them for life! Thank You Betsy for being such a wonderful mentor in both dance and life!!!"

~Marilyn Wabby



"My daughter has been taking classes at Agoura Hills Dance for a year now and I could not be more pleased. One of the things that impressed me the most was the friendliness of the staff and teachers. I always feel like they care about my daughter and are so pleasant, making it such a positive atmosphere in the studio. My daughter is so inspired to be a great dancer after working with her teachers too! She dances at home practicing what she's learned and can't get enough. It definitely makes my heart happy to see that our time at Agoura Hills Dance is well spent!"

~Jennifer, Newbury Park



“I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful school right here in my backyard. It is extremely difficult finding adult
dance classes and they have so many to offer us. The hip hop classes are very challenging and full of great technical choreography. I LOVE HIP HOP!”

~Maria Guerriero, Student, Agoura Hills