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Our Goal is to offer the very finest instruction in a wide variety of dance forms to all age groups and levels, from the Beginner to the advanced professional. We strive at all times to promote an atmosphere of respect–for every teacher, for every dancer, and for the art of dance itself.



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Teachers and staff at Agoura Hills Dance are consummate professionals who endeavor to stimulate and challenge every student. Our instructors have many years of teaching experience, as well as impressive performance and choreography credits. They have our confidence and our support. Together we will set a standard of excellence in a caring atmosphere of high integrity and physical and emotional well-being. We hope your experience at Agoura Hills Dance will be positive, happy and fulfilling. We look forward to seeing you soon. Please E-Mail us with any questions at info@agourahillsdance.com, or call us on 818-991-8883.


Summercamp Reg Form 2016

Summer 2016 Reg form


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“Ballet, the true foundation of dance where all other styles we now know and love began. Ballet’s theatrical essence tells a story through graceful, intricate movement and requires the learning of technique and skill that will set the student up for success in all other aspects of dance. From barre sequences to terminology, you will become familiar with all things ballet. The formal, Russian style we teach is classic and beautiful and will instill a level of dedication in the student that is essential in the advancement in dance.”...................


“Tap, where the traditional and formal foundation of dance progresses to a focus of musicality and rhythm. Tap is where a dancer also becomes a musician in the art of percussion. Tap is also characterized by syncopation and improvisation and is where the skill of learning, memorizing, and retaining choreography is imperative. Influenced by jazz and a touch of rock and roll, tap requires tons of personality that prepares the student for pairing their newly learned skills with performance flare. “ ........................


Pointe is an advanced version of classical ballet classified by the use of pointe shoes and pointe technique. The dancer appears to be completely vertically supported by the tips of their toes and the style was created to make dancers appear weightless. The shoe is constructed with a toe box for cushioning as well as additional support in the sole for the arch of the foot. Pointe focus heavily on alignment, extension, placement and is very technical. A student is ready for pointe after mastering fundamental ballet technique, which can be determined by the teacher. It is a gradual transition and will be introduced to proper technique carefully. ........................



“Jazz began as just social dance while the music genre gained large popularity and went on to become a focal point in theatre and Broadway productions. Jazz dance has progressed alongside popular music and encourages individuality and self-expression in conjunction with technique. A strong foundation in ballet is important as jazz is heavy in leaps, turns, and kicks and will require strength, agility, and core flexibility. This high-energy style brings a whole new fun factor to traditional dancing and will let your personal spirit shine. ........................

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance began as street dance mainly consisting of freestyle evolving with the music and culture with a strong presence in urban neighborhoods. Breaking, popping, and locking were the main styles of hip hop dance when it began and attained mainstream attention in the 80s in TV and film. The dance and entertainment industries created an adaptation of this referred to as “new style” or “commercial dance” which is what you will often find in studios. This is more closely connected to what you see now in music videos, live shows, and TV. Hip hop is quite the opposite of your traditional ballet in that it is hard-hitting, energetic, intense, grounded, and sharp. It will incorporate isolations, lines, grooves, levels, larger movement, and lots of attitude. While there is strong foundation and a unique type of technique in hip hop, it is very individualistic which makes it so wonderful........................


Lyrical dance is a true combination of ballet, jazz, and contemporary styles. Training in these styles is important to the understanding of lyrical. If not an observation you might have already made, lyrical movement is strongly inspired by yes, the lyrics of the chosen song. This style of dance, although still technical, is much more focused o individuality than precision. Emotion, expression, and fluid movement are what really characterizes lyrical dance. Core strength, balance, and flexibility are qualities of a great lyrical dancer. High, lasting leaps, smooth and strong texture, and facial expression make this style unique. ........................



Contemporary dance draws technique from ballet and modern, but is more free and less definable than many traditional dance forms. Contemporary will include strong legwork, floor work, and heavy use of the torso and a wider range of movement and expansion can also be expected. Contemporary is often danced barefoot and is very fluid and expressive. Unexpected or unusual movements, rhythm changes, and speed often characterize this style. Contemporary, although a definite and prominent style of dance, is everything that doesn’t fit into a traditional category and can really be made your own.........................

Broadway Jazz

Broadway Jazz– A foundation of jazz dance, a love for the theater, and a flair for acting are married perfectly together in the Show Jazz style. The high energy as well as dance technicality of jazz is paired with character development and personality in this unique and super fun class. Prepare for working on core strength, leaps, turns, and flexibility as well as performance, relaying emotion, and readable story telling all while dancing along to your favorite show tunes.........................

Mommy and Me

A great hour for mommies and their little ones (typically under 4 years) to have fun, explore movement and music, and play. We’ll have great music playing and lots to climb on play with. This is a great chance for your toddler to be creative and learn to love the very root and core of dance!........................

Ballet/Tap Combo

Ballet/Tap Combo – Our Ballet/Tap combo class for ages 4+ is an awesome way to introduce your little one to dance and get them excited about learning, being creative, and putting those bubbly and mighty personalities to work in the arts. 30 minutes ballet, 30 minutes tap, this class works on introducing basic technique and memorizing simple choreography while also encouraging self-expression and use of the imagination to create through dance. It is made important and clear in this class that everyone is there to support and help each other while learning together. This creates a warm and positive environment that is stimulating and built for growth........................








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